Becoming an Authorised Training Centre (ATC) of B.C.Roy Computer Literacy Mission

Any individual or organisation can become an Authorised Training Centre (ATC) of B. C. Roy Computer Literacy Mission. The interested person or organisation has to proceed through a simple procedure by fill-up the ATC Application cum Registration form. After scrutiny of the form and status verification the BCROYCLM Authority shall decide whether to select or reject the applicant for Registration. If selected, then to finalise the process of Agreement.

In this selection procedure there are a few pre-requisites for the applicant.


Bank Name- Indian Bank

A/C Name- B C Roy Computer Literacy Mission

A/C  No- 6654135011

IFS Code- IDIB000B039

Branch Code- 00B039

MICR Code- 722019002

The applicant have to ensure BCROYCLM Authority that he/they can provide the following:-

1. Centre should situate at prominent location like on main road, near bus stand / railway station / school / college etc.
2. Minimum carpet area of the ATC shall be 500 square feet.
3. There should be a separate Practical Lab with at least 5 Nos. of computer systems with suitable speed and all necessary software and hardware support to conduct all courses satisfactorily. A Printer and Internet connection.
4. There should be a Theory Classroom with seating arrangement for at least 20 (Twenty) students.
5. Separate area for Counselling and Enquiry.
6. Library for students.
7. At least one toilet block.
8. Arrangement for fresh drinking water.
9. A waiting place for students.
10. Course wise sufficient qualified teaching staffs.

Any individual or organisation can become an Authorised Training Centre (ATC) of B. C. Roy Computer Literacy Mission. The interested person or the organisation have to proceed through an ATC Application cum Registration form. The ATC Application cum Registration form is available for download at our website Please download and fill up the form with all information and signed by the authorised person and send it to BCROYCLM Head Office by Courier or Registered post.
Below mentioned documents to be submitted with the ATC Application cum Registration Form:-

1. Photocopy of Voter ID of the applicant / Head of the organisation.
2. Photocopy of PAN Card of the applicant / Head of the organisation.
3. 2 copies passport size colored photo of the applicant / Head of the organisation.
4. Registration papers of the organisation & Resolution (in case of society or trust).
5. Rent agreement / building papers.
6. Layout plan of the proposed centre.
7. Photocopy of Trade License.


At the time of getting approval, Authorised Training Centre (ATC) of B. C. Roy Computer Literacy Mission should have to deposit one-time non-refundable Authorisation Fee .

Any Centre Validation fee relating to any Govt. Scheme should have to be deposit at the time of take up the scheme.

* All the above mention amount will be considered in Cash, Cheque or Demand Draft in favour of B.C.ROY COMPUTER LITERACY MISSION, payable at Bankura.

* Cheques are subject to be clearance.


ATC has to submit Only prescribed Registration Fees against Admission to the Head Office.



The following Terms & Conditions are applicable in all the Course Curriculum offered to the ATCs. But Certain Terms mentioned below will applicable and subject to be change as per policy of BCROYCLM.

* Student’s Registration can not be canceled nor transferable or adjustable.

* Registration Fees have to be deposit to the Head Office within 10th of Next Month.

* Certificate Requisition should Submit to the Head Office within 7 days after Exam.

* Certificates shall be ready to despatch within 15 days from receiving date of Certificate Requisition.

Support to BCROYCLM ATCs (Authorised Training Centres)

As soon as you join BCROYCLM as an ATC, become a member of BCROYCLM family. Our organisation believes in co-operation as we have the realisation that without your performance we can’t survive long. BCROYCLM is powered with four strong sections for Administration, Business Promotion, Innovative ideas and Placement. These sections committed to assist you round the clock regarding your growth. But keep it in mind that of course you should have an attitude to work together for progress in co-operation.

We will be providing you

1. An Authorisation Certificate to conduct all BCROYCLM Curriculum at your premises.
2. Marketing Support to your marketing team.
3. Kit for your Students (including Identity Card, Bag, Pad, Pen, Certificate) e-books are available on the website.
4. Class wise Course break up for individual courses as guidelines for your teachers
5. Dummy Question Papers
6. Faculty Training (as per requirement)
7. Marketing and counselling Training (as per requirement)
8. Attendance of H.O. personnel in Seminars arranged by you.
9. Free promotional materials on achievement of periodical target.