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The Information Technology (IT) and Computer, this useful machine snatched the look of the world with its amazing capability to open the world into any body’s table bythe touch of key and with the click of a mouse. This invention of man, which is also controlled by man, can retrieve a huge amount of data instantaneously with itsmechanical instruments. The communication system is becoming wide and easier every day with the help of Information Technology. And this explosion of technology has a need of huge number of trained professionals. But, a massive number of Indians kept themselves far away from these technological boosts. To cater the need of Computer Training for the mass level SOMOY Infosys started a Nationwide Human Resource Development Project with a mission named “B. C. Roy Computer Literacy Mission” under the slogan of Govt. of India “Information Technology for all” and take the oath to make Information Technology reach everyone with anappropriate training curriculums, easier to learn and understand.


BCROYCLM stands for B. C. Roy Computer Literacy Mission. It is a Nationwide Human Resource Development Project organised by SOMOY Infosys, an ISO 9001:2015 certified Institution to spread IT awareness among the masses. The mission is encouraged by National Skill Development Mission, Government of India . In today’s world, it has become a must to get aware of computers even in rural areas. Today, every aspirant can enrich their future in learning these basic skills, being the IT Industry is a costlier affair. The objective of the project “B. C. Roy Computer Literacy Mission” is to impart basic and advance knowledge of computer arsenal in an easiest way and at a very affordable cost. Our mission is to impart Computer education to the people who are economically backward and have never got the opportunity to come to the forefront. Thus the course fee of various course curriculums under this mission is very low so that we can try to make India 100% Computer Literate nation by the year 2020.

Let’s try together to ensure that Information Technology reach everyone…