We have realised that the growth of an organisation depends on the active and dedicated service and proper utilisation of personnel and their efficiency. Our organisation takes these words as bools-eye and equipped with the following interactive sections.


Our Administrative section is eagerly engaged in solving problems of ATCs regarding administration and management by giving exact suggestions and valuable support in every aspect of the mission beholding other sections. Administrative section controls the sectors like Personnel, Accounts, Purchase, Despatch, and Stock. Implementation of new courses and fees, training methodology, business strategy, study materials and advertisement materials designed by Innovative Development Section comes under Administrative Section.


Our active as-well-as efficient Business Development Section plays the most important part to expand the mission by providing Authorisation to new ATCs by planning and organise various seminars and workshops regarding computer awareness among the common mass. Professionals of this guide the ATCs for growing their performances by implementing quality and effective services to their trainees. They also help both the ATCs and the trainees by offering and announcing new methodology developed by Innovative Development Section with the approval of Administrative Section.


The Innovative Development Section constructed by a group of young, dynamic and creative minded enthusiastic qualified professionals, devoted to their work for designing and develop market based new Courses, Study Materials, Advertisement Materials. Search and develop Business Opportunities. Conduct Corporate Training, ATC professional Training, Seminars/Workshops, development programs for students regarding placement etc. The professionals of this section always cares for the feedback and suggestions from the students and the ATC professionals for the healthy future of both the organisation and the students.


This section plays the ultimate roll in growth of our organisation. Constructed with some open minded enthusiastic qualified professionals, devoted to keep day-today contact with other organisation of the industry as well as with the ATCs and pass out students, to assist, organise and provide suitable placement for them.